Studio 136 Dance Center

Massillon • Ohio


The first word that comes to mind when I think of our studio is... heart. We are a such diverse group. Our dancers range in age, race, size, economic status, and ability... yet, somehow, they all come together in such a powerful way. We all have a true passion for dance that has created lifelong bonds and has inspired us all (teachers and students, alike) to grow. Two years ago we lost our building, as the roof collapsed during one of our breaks (thankfully no one was inside the building). Since, then we are in a "transitional location". It has been quite challenge... very old building, poor flooring, no mirrors, no barres... but we have been creative and have kept our spirits high. We are looking forward to moving into our new location in two short months! These kids and families have stuck by our sides and have worked hard under less than desirable conditions, but we made it through! We are beyond proud of our recreational students, as well as our amazing competition company. As you can tell by this short description..."heart" is a such a very fitting word.