Star Seekers Production

Delano • Minnesota


Our studio began 19 years ago thru a community education program in small farm town of Delano. It has blossomed into a harbor of Love and Art. Teaching dance is what paid for my way thru college, well some of it. It was here that I realized I am born to educate other dancers on what Dance Is... We've created an atmosphere to show that Dance Is.. Love, Life, Art and most importantly Family. I began this journey at the age of 18 with my sister and am now entering this 19 season with my brother, who shares the same amount of passion and love. This is our home away from home. Our studio is a harbor of Love---in the words of Nick Drago who has been a great master teacher for our students for the past several summers. Star Seekers may be in a "Small town, but it has a Huge talent". Our studio is planted in the middle of a sports community, so the struggle is real with showing the importance of the arts in our community. However, we all work together, from parents to students, to the two of us on faculty working and creating dances that are just as cool and creative for the smallest to the tallest dancers. We are a studio not ashamed of giving thanks to the One who gives us our talent or for every obstacle our small studio faces. At Star Seekers, Dance is Art & Family. We are showing that together we Rise and together we Fall. I'm so proud of what my brother and I have been able to offer this community in dance education. We truly believe it's about educating the dancers and even though we compete, it's not about the hardware we collect, it's about the journey, the experience, the education. We want our parents to spend their money to educate and not adjudicate. The progress dancers make from September to May is incredible, but what they learn of themselves mentally and emotionally is astounding.