Foothills Dance Arts

Easley • South Carolina


My dream since childhood was to be dance teacher. I taught for another studio for ten years after college graduation before opening my first studio in 2000. In 2014, the studio relocated and was renamed to Foothills Dance Arts. The main philosophy is to instill a love for the art of dance in every student. When I was growing up and learning to dance, body image was a major deal and we were constantly being openly told how we did or did not fit into the dance world's ideal image for bodies. Many dancers ended up with eating disorders, myself included, resulting in a lifelong battle with food, body image, self-confidence and weight. For this reason, Foothills Dance Arts does not hold auditions for its companies but allows any dancer with the passion and desire to perform and compete those opportunities. I believe young people are bombarded with images from the time they can see as to what society sees as the ideal body. As artists, we need to realize that the beauty of dance comes from deep within one's heart and soul. Through the years, Foothills Dance Arts has received recognition and praise for this philosophy.