Brodhead Dance Academy

Brodhead • Wisconsin


Our dance academy, the Brodhead Dance Academy, just celebrated its 15th year in business. Brodhead, Wis. is a rural community set in the rolling green pastures of Green County. This is a farming, recreational and food production area, not a haven for the arts. However, the Brodhead Dance Academy is a shining star. Within the last 6 months, we moved to our third and final location, a beautifully remodeled spot in a former ugly hardware/laundry mat. Two large studios and ample waiting area are now home to more than 200 dancers. The space features hardwood sprung floors, mirrors and barres'. Standard fare for big city schools, but a much welcome improvement for our dancers! It's a bedazzled space that energizes the students and creates a true sense of family.

Each spring we produce our annual recital - which is more like a show than a recital. It's themed, music and costumes selected to create a show that is truly meant to entertain people many of whom have never seen a live performance like this. Each year we sell out the local high school, selling 1,500 tickets (500 at each show). The population of our community is just over 3,000. So you could say we get a lot of community support. We are about 50 miles from Madison, Wis. the closest big city and the studio owner was on the board of the Madison Ballet for many years.

We do not do competitions. We and our dancers are more than capable of competing; however, financially most of the families simply can't afford the rigors of competitive dance. Plus, we have focused on the overall development of dancers and artists more than the competitive nature of the competition circuit. We focus on the power of positive psychology. For 15 years, at the end of ever class and every major performance our students say, "I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I Love to Dance!" This simple phase that the founder, DeAnne Boegli created when she started the school, speaks volumes about our Academy's mission. We have 5 teachers, professionally trained who travel from other cities to teach for us, they too believe in helping students in this small town do big things.