Bay Valley Academy

Bay City • Michigan


Bay Valley Academy was started in 1976 by a husband and wife team, Holly and Dale Bills. Three moves and 40 years later, "Miss Holly's" eldest daughter and her husband now own the studio. BVA is committed to excellence in all that we do. As a family of instructors, our philosophy is to enrich our athletes and provide the highest standard in gymnastics instruction, dance technique training, and age appropriate choreography and costuming. Our staff is made up of well-trained and experienced individuals that share a mutual interest in providing each of our athletes with character building and confidence boosting instruction. A student body of about 500; we have 100 competitive dance and gymnastics competitive team members that travel nationally and internationally annually. Yes, we train our athletes to be fierce competitors and to win, but winning isn't everything. We like to focus on the process and what the process does for us. Our athletes are trained to be strong, confident, caring, and humble, that have leadership qualities to carry them through the real world. Our motto is "UBUNTU: Together we are better." By working together and believing, we can accomplish all of our goals and dreams.