The Centre School of Dance

Cookeville • Tennessee 


The Centre School of Dance started over 25 years ago as a small non-profit program that served homeschool students in an art enrichment program. During the school's time a church ministry, it grew to over 80 students and the worship-focused program inspired many of it's long-time dancers to pursue dance in college and after.Many of the dancers from those early days either went on to graduate with a degree in dance, or know share their love of dance with the next generation as dance teachers.

One of those students was me. I began student teaching in high school, and teaching at the program remained my top priority through college. One year after I graduated college, the non-profit dissolved and I opened The Centre School of Dance in 2009 so that the students would still have a safe, faith-based place to continue dancing. I met my husband teaching for the non-profit and he has been by my side the whole time, we are now both full-time at the dance studio, which gives our school very much a feeling of family. Since we became parents two years ago, my husband definitely carries a "protective papa's heart" for our dancers as well!

The Centre School of Dance is about family, about serving one another and about sharing and experiencing the love of God through dance. We accept all body types, abilities and aspirations while still preparing those that feel called for the professional world. We focus on the journey of excellence instead of the destination of perfection. While we don't compete, we do have outreach companies that perform and serve throughout the community and often bring their audiences to tears with the vibrant expressions of the dancers hearts.

We are unique in that the school was not really our decision to start, it was more of a choosing to carry the torch. We are committed to keeping the flame of knowing and sharing the love of God, of teaching excellent dance in a safe and inspirational environment and of raising the next generation of teachers who carry that vision to continue to burn bright on our watch.
Our students and families are the true inspiration and what makes our studio such a special place. They capture the vision and help us carry the flame, the dancers train hard and choose to be the best they can be so that they can be that inspiration that the last group of dancers was to them.

We are proof that your destiny will find you, no matter the set backs or what others say. I was told when I was young that I didn't have the personality or the ability to own or direct a dance school. My husband has health issues that make it hard for him to walk on some days, yet you would never now he was in pain when you see him light up the faces of the kids in his classes. Many told him he just needs to find a "real job" or that he should stop teaching if He is in pain. But we know that is what we were put on earth to do. It's our area of brilliance. When your calling finds you, don't give up. Things are going to get hard, that's a given, so don't let it stop you from fulfilling your destiny. We are honored to carry the torch and guard the flame as it continues to grow and we can't wait to see where this will take us!