Yalmar Velazquez

Pennsylvania • USA


The biggest thing I had to overcome to continue to dance had been my weight. My weight loss story is a little long to share, but I've been dancing since I was 6 years old, got pregnant and married, and my weight skyrocketed from 130 to almost 300 pounds. Yes. I couldn't danced anymore and because of that fact, I was dying inside each and every day. Then Bariatric surgery happened and I LITERALLY came back to life...and back to my passion, dance. Going strong ever since. Oh and by the way, I just turned 42 years old. 

Never, ever stop dreaming and achieving. Is never to late to set a new goal, and you will never be to old to achieve a dream. Talent is nothing without the work. I heard once that you should shoot for the sky because even if you missed, you will land among the stars.