Tiffany Cammon

Columbus • Ohio


Why do I love to dance? Simply Because dancing is Who I Am. I Am Beautiful, Aggressive, Anxious, Scared, Emotional, Soft, Powerful, Great, Kind, Genuine, Free, Positive, Believable, Spiritual, Heartfelt, True, Full Of Light An Full of Life. I Dance Because It Heals The Things That Can't Be Seen. I Dance Because I Lost My Voice Long Before I Could Speak. I Dance Because That's When Im Understood The Best. When I Tell Myself I Can't, Dancing Tells Me I Can. When I Get Scared, Dancing Is My Strength. When Im Alone, Dancing Is My Friend. When I Fall Down, Dancing Picks Me Up. As A Dancer With Little To No Training, I Had To Over Come The Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts. I Had To Over Come My Fears of Being successful. I Had To Dream Big, I Needed To Be Afraid Of My Dream In Order To Understand It. I Had To Overcome Peers And Family Members Telling Me That My Dreams Are Silly An That They Can't Be A Reality. Most Importantly I Had To Understand That I Am The CEO of my life an what ever decision I make I am the one who has to live with it. I Will Fight To Become A Professional Performer, I Will Strive To Succeed, I Will Be Determined and I Will Be Great. As A Dancer I Had To Learn How To Believe in Myself An My Talent Despite The Cag The World Tries To Trap Me In. Im A Piece Of Art. So, Why Do I Love To Dance? Simply Because Dancing Is Who I Am.