Theodora Baker

Arizona • USA


Being very tall and long, dance has always come naturally to me. My dance teachers would always tell me you were born for dance and I would always excel over the others. My teachers would always put me in the spotlight, bringing me to the front to demonstrate and explain the correct way to do a certain dance move! Being on the shy side, I am a person who hates being on the spot. So doing this I felt very insecure, I always thought that the girls thought i had the mentality that I was better than them. Which I wasn't, I just worked harder and upper hand wig having long legs and superior flexibility. So in order for me not to experience this I would purposely not try my best, I would allow the other girls to have a chance at the spotlight. I would just sit in the background hiding my talent hiding my true potential. I overcame this obstacle in my dance life by knowing the fact that I had a talent for dance that God gave me. And that I either had to use it or lose it. Now I continue to show my true potential. And I continue to rise to high heights. Never underestimate yourself or what you are capable of doing. When you have a talent use it or you WILL lose it.