Texas-Rose Allard

Cambs • United Kingdom


If im honest i haven't found everything so easy. I've had times where I've just wanted to give it all up, comparing myself to others and not having the confidence to push myself to the best ability and always hiding at the back of a class.

I may seem quiet but dance does a lot for me. In enables me to be who i want to be and escape into a different world. I have to admit that this not always happens but when it does it makes me feel amazing and so much better in myself but i always have wished to have the confidence to show others. With a lot of personal problems going on, I've sometimes not been able to take dancing as seriously as i have wanted to. Sometimes I say that I dont care or i give up and im never going to make it but in reality i do care and its a big part of who i am. Im not one for a complete positive mindset but its something im working on.

Without dance i really dont know who I'd be. Im not the best but its in my best interest to just to keep happy. I do want to persue dance as a career and i am taking my education further on the dance college side. Im going to strive to be my best and although it may not be good enough for others I just want it to make me feel happy and good enough within myself. Thats all I wish for. Dance has played a big part on helping me overcome some issues and i just hope it continues helping me through life whilst also enjoying it every step of the way.