Tessa Jenkins

Springfield • Ohio


Dance has changed my life. Starting at the age of 3, I knew dance was what I wanted to do. At 3 years old, you don't care what you look like, but once you get older, you find yourself comparing yourself to others. I myself get very upset about knowing that people are better than me and they will accomplish more than me, but that is soon to change. I started not only dancing for myself, but for the Lord. I never knew how much this could change me. Dancing to be better than everyone puts you in a worse position. It makes you look at them and look for things you can do better. While watching them you're not watching yourself and then when you do watch yourself you realize you aren't as good as them and you beat yourself up wondering what you're doing wrong. Don't lie, we all have done this. Dancing for the Lord has made me forget about everyone in the room and focus on Him and me. It puts me in a great mood and let's me realize that I'm special in my own way. No one can dance the same way as you. Dance for yourself and dance the way you want to dance. Put a smile on your face and dance like yourself, not like the girl next to you. This message was to tell all of us dancers that you need to be yourself and stop beating yourself up. You are important to everyone in this world even if you don't believe it. If you are ever having trouble finding yourself pray to the Lord, He will guide the way. I have become a better person and dancer with the Lord and I know he has many plans for me in the future. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, follow it and you will become stronger.