Taylor Jenkins

Virginia • USA


I got turned down by four colleges for dance before I got accepted to one, for me that was hard but I didn't let that stop me because dance is something that I will always strive to be better in. I love it more than anything and I may not be the best but I'm getting better. So don't let anyone or anything stop you cause here I am dancing
in college doing what I love everyday!

t's gonna be ok, your gonna be okay. Everyday we tell our selves "I'm not good enough" "I wanna quit" but you can't quit cause this is you this is your one true love and it won't quit on you so don't quit on it. It's ok to fail everyone does it's also ok to fall because once you fall down the only way to go is up. I've been rejected from auditions and schools, does it hurt yeah, but that should never stop you. Rejection is part of the art, it's going to happen it's what you do after that is what really matters.