Tarlia Lombardo

Victoria • Australia


I started dancing when I was little, I enjoyed like every little girl would. I was getting really good, but when I started school I was feeling like the odd one out. I wanted to stop because I hated being the odd one, but I didn't and I was being bullied because of how weird and freaky I looked when I danced and it went on for a while and I was so embarrassed about it I wanted to not dance anymore! But then I would get on the dance floor, and nothing mattered anymore. Those bullies could be bullies, who cares? Cause I didn't! I felt I could be myself as long as danced, and I can honestly say without dance my life would be so different. And I can say I would rather be bullied for the rest of my life rather than give up dance. I am so happy I didn't give up dance and I never will. Dance is what makes me happy.

That no matter what if you try you can get their! Believe in yourself!