Tamara Lancaster

England • United Kingdom


I started ballet classes when I was 3 years old. I can't even remember what I thought a ballerina was before I took my first ballet class . Dance grew on me . As I grew up I realised how dependant I had become on dance. One time , I was on holiday . I was practicing my dance with my headphones in and a lady came up to me and told me that dancing was t a proper job and that I should start doing things that would help the economy and get into business etc . Which I replied with a simple dirty look and continued dancing! Year 9 of secondary school , I began to get anxiety. I stopped dancing because I thought it was the reason I was getting all these emotions. 6 months later I met up with my old dance teacher . We had a coffee and I decided to come back to tap. As soon as I put my tap shoes back on , I felt alive . I felt okay again . That was the day I realised that I needed dance in my life. I took up ballet again and also street dance. In my school , there were millions of dance clubs . I joined street dance , which coincidentally was being taught by my original street dance teacher. We got talking and she let me help out with her class at my school!! Since then I've been teaching street dance alongside her and I've also overcome my anxiety. Dancing is a release for me . It helps me put all my emotions to one side and just completely forget about the stresses of life for an hour or so. Dance is my life . It's the only thing that can help me cope with life when it gets hard.