Tahlia Kirkham

Tasmania • Australia


I have been a dancer for 11 years this year. I have a Pretty bad knee injury at the moment due to dancing and other sport and I will not let it bring me down. Im not exactly the smallest dancer either. I am not very skinny yet I do still have curves. My favourite style would either have to be Broadway jazz or contemporary. I live dance. It helps me get away. When I'm down I dance. When I'm walking around town I dance. When I'm alone at home I dance. When I'm at school I dance. It's my life and I love it. Not sure what i would do without it.

When I was 3, I was out into dancing. I started mid year and was a shy little Pooh Bear on stage for a concert. I had little to no confidence then. A few years later, when I was 7, was taught my first solo routine, material girl. I still had only that ounce of confidence but I performed in a competition. Years after that I continued with solo routines and became older and still competing. I have only just gained enough confidence to walk with pride (or should I say dance). Today, I'm suffering an injury. A knee injury. It is pretty bad and I can barely walk without want Ming to drop, cry and scream but I don't. Dancing isn't doing it any justice but it's what I do when I'm in pain. Silly I know but that's me, I dance constantly and I pay for it when I'm in pain later that evening. But anyway. That's my story.