Stephanie Roberts

Norfolk • England


Been dancing since the age of 3, performed and competed in various shows and dance competitions, I am trained in a variety of styles mainly Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary. On my journey through dancing i have had to overcome epilepsy with having up to 15 seizures a day as well as being dyslexic which has been a constant battle through university but am on track to graduate with a 2.1... i have Had to overcome variety of family problems throughout my life but the one thing that has been there for me has been dance, it is my passion, my life i live breath and sleep dance i wouldnt be where i am today without it and cant wait to pass on my knowledge and passion to other dancers.. to me dance is a release from my problems, i can express my feelings and emotion, a way of communicating and the closest thing to flying ( i know thats cheesey but its true)