Stephanie Parker

Farmington • New Mexico


Dance. What do you think of when you hear the word "dance" maybe you see teens at a school dance showing off their moves, maybe you see your dad trying to dance like you do, a ballerina maybe, or do you see art? That's what I see. Dance is an art. Your body tells a story when you dance. It's not just mashed up moves to a song, it's what the dancer feels in their heart. Dance helps calm me down because I can completely dance away my feelings. Dance has brought me threw a lot in life, from break ups, to life threatening situations, to illnesses, and even to my parents divorce. It's gotten me threw the toughest times in my life. When I'm with my team, we become a family as the year goes on. When with my team, I am home. I want to thank dance for giving me something to look forward to, to keep me on my feet. Thank you God for giving me the strength to do all the thinks I can do when I dance, I'm telling a story with every little movement, and showing people a magnificent art that the human body can do to talk to them without using your voice. Thank you dance.