Stephanie Bermudez

Florida • USA


When I was little, I was put into dance but after two years I quit because I was such a tom boy. I started dancing again but at the age of 9 which is kind of late to start back up but I wanted to dance. I was not born with natural flexibility, turnout, expression, etc. After six years of hard work and determination and overcoming my fears of not being good enough and comparing myself to others, I would not be the dancer I am today. I may still have things I need to work on because "hey" all dancers aren't perfect if so, we wouldn't need technique classes to learn. Last year my studio director told me that when I first started dancing at the studio, she thought that I could never be able to be a good dancer. As the years went on, she saw how much hard work and determination I put into my work and she was shocked to see me now. It's amazing that so many people have seen how far I have come from just seven years of dancing.

No matter what, always follow your dreams because you will never know how the outcome will be if you don't at least try. Also don't compare yourself to others. You are you and you will never that person and that person will never be you. How you look and move will never look like someone you envy ( Travis Wall, Andy Pellick, Misty Copeland). All of those people are unique in their own ways and will never be you. You're special in your own ways that other people may be envy of. Love yourself and be confident I your work and who you are.