Shireen Rashid

Alabama • USA


Dance is my life. In May of 2013 my dad got diagnosed with a extremely rare brain tumor that caused him to gain weight, forget people/places/simple things, etc... & had surgery to get it removed in June of 2013. They couldn't remove all of it due to where it was located in the brain but other than that, the surgery went fine. Complications started occurring with my dads body. He completely went backwards in life & couldn't talk, walk, etc... on good days he could whisper & take a few steps but this brain tumor changed his behavior completely. He fought his battle & was done my great until one little complication. He went brain dead on March 9th, 2014 & the passed away the next day on March 10th, 2014. & on top of that, my mom was fighting an addiction of alcohol since 2011 & eventually had to go to rehab the summer of 2015. She is way better now & I'm so proud of my beautiful mother. we have come such a long way as a family. Me, my 2 brothers, & my mom. I'm telling you this story bc dance is the one thing that kept me strong through the whole situation. The feeling of me being on stage & forgetting everything & just focusing on dancing my heart out & the way my body moves to the music. it's simply a feeling I cannot explain. My dance peers at my studio, I don't know what I would do without them. they are so true to themselves & inspiring. they love me, & I love them. like the sisters I never had. if I didn't have dance, I honestly think I wouldn't be here right now due to my depression. but when that music comes on & you just feel it, it's amazing. like a fire lit inside of you that just wants to pour your heart out & leave it all on stage. even in dance class... the feeling of hitting a turn or move, is unexplainable. dance is the thing I live for. I dance for what I believe in & my family. I love the feeling of knowing that they're proud of me. & dance helps make that feeling even more strong.