Shea Strout

Summerville, South Carolina


I was never a studio dancer. Or a size 0. I am large and I lived in a small town in Vermont. A small town with a high school lucky enough to have a full time dance teacher and varsity dance team. Even eventually a dance team. My teacher was the person who inspired me to dance. She never gave up on anyone. She never let anyone think that they weren't good enough to dance. Everyone was welcome and she made it feel like a true family. I moved up the chain from dance class to manager of the varsity team to jv dancer to finally it felt like, a dancer on the Varsity Dance Team. I started dancing in my freshman ear in high school, got into competitive dance and was part of the team that won the State championship in Jazz. I didn't grow up dancing, but because of my dance teacher, my coach, my friend I am about to pursue a Major in dance at the College of Charleston. Dance helps me find myself when I lose my self. It taught me what hard work dedication and perseverance feel like and I will be forever grateful to that. Dance is now a art of me that I will never lose. Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, and Modern are all a part of me and I wouldn't want it any other way.