Sharon Skolnek

Herts • United Kingdom

PHOTO: Anna Reeve Cook, Sharon Skolnek and Louise Leach


I am 42 years old and having never danced in my life before, I decided last year I would like to take up Ballet.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I would be doing ballet after being told I may never walk again after having back surgery. I contacted my local dance school who told me they were running adult beginner ballet classes. I was so determined to learn something new and started the following week. 

I found it hard to start off with, learning all new french words to moves I've never heard of or seen before in my life. After a few months I approached my dance teacher Anna, and asked her if there were any exams I could do. I wanted a challenge and wanted to keep learning new skills. So 2 months into starting ballet, Anna signed me up for the ISTD Grade 1 Ballet Exam. 

I practiced each week the moves required and learnt new terminology to words and dances.

Finally on Sunday 28th February 2016 I took my Grade 1 ISTD Ballet Exam.

Today I received such lovely news from my ballet Teacher. She told me that not only did I pass , but I achieved a high Merit with 75%

I just wanted to personally thank ISTD as well as my amazing dance teacher for providing me with the opportunity to dance as an adult/mature student and to be able to sit for exams.

Since passing my exams I have now taken up Ballet, Tap, and Modern and hope to continue to take ISTD Grades in all disciplines.