Shannon Wilkinson

Liverpool • New York


Dance for me started as something that I did after school. My sisters did and because I wanted to be just like them I wanted to dance too. One of my biggest inspirations was the girl who lived down the street from me. Every week I would walk over and dance with her. Then I got put into regular classes at my studio. I loved being able to spend time with my friends. Dance was another place for me to socialize and make more friends. That's when I knew I liked dance. Then, I caught myself tapping underneath my desk at school. Going over my dances in my head. While waiting in line I was stretching out my arches. When I would be home I would catch myself looking up dancers on YouTube and then I would practice what I saw them doing. I practiced so much my parents built me a dance room in my basement. That's when I knew I loved to dance. I used that room when I was little to play dress up with my friends, then we started making up dances and showing our parents, and then I would just stare at myself in the mirror and find different ways my body could move. That's when I knew I was a dancer. There is just something about dance that makes me so incredibly happy. I love being able to just move to a song and just lose yourself in the movement to where you feel untouchable. Dance is a therapy and coping mechanism for me. It's not something that I like, it's something I'm addicted to. I can't go one day without thinking about it or creating something in my head. My name is Shannon Wilkinson, and I am addicted to dance.