Shania Simko

Ohio • USA


I have been bullied in school, abused by my father, and told that I was ugly and I am not going to make it in life. I try to get noticed by other people and dancers but they just keep their eyes on the best dancer in the group. I have to sit back and just watch my dance teachers give the important roles to their favorite students. Every time I go to class I get pushed to the back and I struggle to learn the movements then. However every day I keep going even though I have a bad past and even though I have to be pushed around. I have had a couple knee injuries and feet injuries that have prevented me from doing pointe. I miss pointe a lot but I would rather take care of my body. One day I hope to be a Rockette so I need to take care of my body now so therefore I don't mess up any of my Chandra of getting in.

You are good enough and don't be afraid. Keep going even though you had a bad day. Everyone has felt what you are going through at one point in time. If you were bullied, don't think you're the only one. You're not. There are other people that have felt with it and who have been bullied. You are not alone.