Sarah Jacoby

Middletown • New York


From a very young age I was always an athlete. With four brothers, I was more of a tomboy than a girly girl and so therefore was more comfortable playing football and basketball than at a ballet barre. Although I had briefly toyed with ballet as an activity, it was not something I enjoyed at that time.

My first real introduction to the love of dance and movement was on a ballroom floor. My parents were taking ballroom lessons, and my mother was sick on the day of their lesson, so my dad let me go as his partner. From that day on I was obsessed with dance and movement, technique and clean lines.

For years I stuck with ballroom as my passion. And then I was introduced to fitness pole dancing. The amount of strength it took as well as the beautiful, ballet-like movement that could be created had me hooked from the start. I began taking every class I could and would go on to open my first fitness pole studio at the age of 23.

Seven years later, and with four studio locations in the upstate New York area, my goal is to continue to pass that love of dance to all of my students. The empowerment that comes from watching your body grow stronger and stronger is like no other feeling.