Sara Charity

Connecticut • USA


Growing up in a small town made dance an even bigger and important passion in my life then I had ever expected. I have been dancing since the age of 6, and I had stayed with one studio for my whole life up until 2014. In 2012 however, my dance life and dreams had to be put on hold because of a knee injury that took me out of classes for 6 months. Having knee surgery at 17 years old concerned me because I was worried all of my hard work would be wiped out and that I would have to start relearning how to do simple dance steps again, but that was not the case. I was able to go back to class after six months and participate in the end of year production that I looked forward to every year thanks to the kindness and patience of my teacher. However, my knee pain never totally stopped. In 2013 I had to undergo surgery for the second time due to a mistake made in the previous surgery that left my knee cap unattached. I was so devastated and thought for sure there was no way I could regain a years worth of training and still continue to progress. I was afraid my career had been cut short before it even got the chance to start. After a LONG recovery I was able to get back into class three months before the recital. I again beat my doubts and performed in three productions at the end of year show. I was extremely proud of myself that I had finally gotten back to doing what I loved the most, but I knew I had lost countless hours of training. I realized that I needed more serious and hardcore training to get back what I lost over the previous two years. In the summer of 2014 I found a different studio where I knew I needed to focus on pure technique. The studio welcomed me with total open arms and I put myself into a few summer classes to start the process. Ballet was and is my main focus at the moment to gain technique. I eded up auditioning and getting two studio scholarships over the course of two years and because of this I was able to add Contemporary to my schedule, something I have longed to study for years but was never able to at my previous studio. To this day I have not given up and although at times it seems absolutely difficult and impossible to hang on and keep going, I know I am not a giver-upper. I can feel in my heart that dance is who I am and that it is worth fighting for. I never thought that after two surgeries, and pulling out of a third one, I could still be able to do what I do today. I strive to never give up and show the world that I am a fighter.