Raven Saville

Brockville • Ontario


My name is Raven Saville. I self identify with dance because in my life dance is and always has been the one stable thing there for me. Whether I am at competition, in the studio, or in my living room, dance will always be there. There's something about the way you feel when you connect to the music and just let go. Its empowering and beautiful all at the same time. When I dance that's when I feel the most beautiful and can really express my self. I love being able to bring a crowd to its feet or even to tears because they believe so whole heartedly in your performance. I can't even begin to explain how dance has impacted my life without doing it justice. I'm so emotional just writing this because I simply can't thank the art of dance enough for what it has done for me. Dance is what I love to do and I will do it my entire life.

My parents were never fully supportive of me being a dancer and always told me that it wasn't a real career. I always wanted them to see the sunshine that I felt was radiating from my body when I dance, but they couldn't see it. I never felt fully appreciated and in a way I am thankful for that because it made me work harder and push my self to achieve my goals and become the best I could be. Still to this day my parents turn a blind eye to me and give me no support. But whenever I feel the anger building up inside of me from all of these years of feeling under appreciated for what I do I just turn the music up, and just move.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about owning my own dance studio, and inspiring others to fall in love with dance. I loved choreographing my own routines in my bed room and putting on recitals for my family. Currently I work for two dance studios as a teacher and choreographer and I couldn't be happier. I know I've said it before but it's true; I love inspiring those around me and I love to be further inspired by them. I graduated from high school last year and decided to spend this year working and training to do everything I wanted to do for my last year of competition. As for next year I got accepted into the contemporary program at Ottawa School of Dance but because of financial issues I am unable to go, but quite frankly I don't care what I do as long as I'm dancing and happy.

And in the end that's all that matters.