Princess Grant

Houston • Texas


Since a young age I have had the dream of being a ballerina when I grow up. Although, admittedly, the nostalgic dream has not been erased, but blossomed into my current inspiration to achieve a career of portraying art through all kinds of movement. To speak without using words, provoke complex thoughts,and express emotions describes the beauty of art through movement. Dance is my way to express art and feed the craving of individuality. While some view the daily necessities of plie’s, tendue’s, and degage exercises overly repetitive, I find a sense of comforting meditation in the familiarity. Continually attending dance classes that have intensely progressed, from energetically hoping around in a pink fluffy tutu to peeling off bruised toe nails, always held an incentive for me; to not just have dance as a hobby but a life style that molds me into an artist.