Natasha Yin

Gold Coast • Australia


Being a dancer is everything to me and I guess every single dancer out there dances because it's their passion. At the age of 13, I wanted to join a dance class since when I was younger I wanted to be on stage and perform. My parents weren't all keen on me dancing but I continued anyways. I started half way through the year and going to my first class was definitely an experience and very nervewrecking. The class I was in ranged between ages from 10-13. I wasn't flexible at all or knew nothing on what I was doing (I was embarrassed). I went home that day and looked through YouTube online stretch classes to improve flexibility since I wanted to become one of the others which is being flexible. It was very hard but over the next few months I did it! My parents became overwhelmed by the success I have made and the teachers are very supportive. Currently I am 15 years of age and if it weren't for my determination I wouldn't be where I am today. The next year and two, I became from beginner to advanced. It was definitely an achievement I was not expecting! However it soon became a downfall where I had a miniscus tear in my left knee. I cried that day since my phsio therapist was very concerned. I did nothing for the next month but after I was healed, I had a drive within me. This "drive" helped me to train and train until I was at the capacity where I couldn't do no more. I guess you would say dance is everything to me and I would replace it with anything else. I hope by reading my story, it isn't to late to start dancing and always be positive no matter what, because in the end I promise with hard work it will be worth it.