Naomi Tullo

Ontario • Canada


Hello, my name is Naomi Tullo I am 17 turning 18 in May 5. Dance to me has been everything to me. I have always been a bigger girl growing up, and I have been bullied online, so dance has been escape from my pain in my personal live from my family and the bullies online. I also just have some dance since I was little, but has a grow older I fell in love with hip-hop and watching other people dance. Dance is my happy place, and when people watch me dance they say I really good, but I say I am not because I have not had any professional training in Hip-Hop dance before. So I am like I am nothing compared to the people in dance movies.

I just love everything about dance. I love how it makes you feel when your just dancing. I love how dancing bring people together. Also when your just finished getting your dance for you dance class down and is your last performance and you just go out and you kill it and you get off and just so happy and you and your group just killed the performance, and your just overwhelmed with happiness.

That no matter what other people and the world tells you never give up the thing you love, which in this chase is dance. Also no matter you weight, height, age, you should be able to dance because you love it. You don't have to be a professional you just need space, music, and a passion to dance.