Mikayla Holmgren

Marine on St. Croix • Minnesota


Mikayla is totally unstoppable. Dancing is her passion.

She was born 6 1/2 weeks early with Down Syndrome needing multiple surgeries. Her family was told she may never walk or talk. But, she has a determination in her that pushed her past all expectations.

She started dancing at 6 years old and found her true love. At the age of 14, she started to compete at dance competitions. It started as a way to put a face of Down Syndrome in an area that is normally set for beautifully, skilled dancers. She may not be absolutely perfect in her skills, but it is the joy that flows from her as she dances that catches everyones attention. She won a few judges awards and placed at a few competitions.

Three years ago she decided to up her game and started to choreograph her own dance solos. The music gets inside her head and the lyrical style dances are a beautiful form that shows her strengths. Her dances have won her student choreograph awards and first place awards.

Mikayla has also, been recognized in other ways. Her story has been featured by the local FOX network. She has danced her way to Los Angeles as part of the Miss Amazing Pageant. And, she has danced with a team that took a mission trip to work with orphans in Haiti.

Dancing has given her a voice to show how individuals with Down Syndrome are “More the Same than Different”. It is an art that anybody and everybody can enjoy. It is a community of support from peers.