Mikaela Phillips

Brunswick • Ohio


Dance saved my life. In eighth grade the depression I had struggled with all my life got unbearable, I began doing things to myself that no one should ever have to endure, I wanted it all to end. I was fortunate that my mom found out that I was sick when she did, if she hadn't, I probably wouldn't be here. I had been dancing since age three but before this change in my life I never thought of it as something that could help me get through things. I guess one day it just clicked and I realized dance is one of those things that won't leave me, compared to so many things that do. No matter where I go in life, dance will always be a part of it. So after eighth grade I started over, and began my road to recovery and happiness. I was doing really well, but on January 10th of my ninth grade year I got the news that one of my best friends committed suicide. I went into a downward spiral for a few weeks, but soon realized this isn't what I should be doing and instead I should be honoring him in the best way that I know how. One of my teachers and I put together another solo for me to a spoken word that was dedicated to him. Dance once again, saved me from making a bad situation worse, and instead of wallowing in misery I got his message out there through dance. Dance is such a beautiful thing to me, it's my therapy. It saved me.