Michelle Gundersen

Texas • USA


In November of 2013, the first semester I started attending my university where I am a dance major, I was in a really bad car accident and fractured my ankle. Upon a doctor's visit I was told that I only had some bad bone bruising and that it would go away shortly, just to stay off of it so that it would heal. Optimistic, I did what the doctor ordered. A few months went by and there was no change in my pain level. She told me to get an MRI and see if anything changed after the swelling went away and the bone bruising healed more. After that visit, she had the same verdict; stay off of the ankle, let it heal and attend physical therapy. A few more months went by and there still wasn't a whole lot that changed my pain or walking. All of this time I am still dancing to the best of my ability to stay in school and get my degree. I was just hopeful everything would turn the corner. I visited my doctor again for a check up and questions about why my ankle hasn't dramatically gotten better when I've been following her directions and if I need surgery. Her answer was no even though nine months had passed and my patience had been dwindling down to a fine point. I decided to get a second opinion from a pediatrist that was highly recommended. My first visit was successful. He looked at my MRI results and decided that I should have surgery right away. And I did! Three days later I was prepping to get my leg sliced open and repaired. I had a piece of bone that was floating around removed, the subtalar joint cleaned, and a tendon on the lateral side repaired. Of course it would still take about a year for a semi-full recovery but since that day my life has changed and I am finally getting back to dancing pain free!

Life is going to throw you curve balls of all sizes and whatever that may be you can always overcome that. You just have to believe in yourself and push through.