Mia Kun

Budapest • Hungary


I was dancing since I was 6, but I only decided to do it join a pre-professional dance school when I was 14. At the same year I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which is a spine disease. I had to wear a brace 0-24, but I got doctors permission to take it off for my dance classes. It made my dance training more painful as it should be and harder. Standing up straight didn't feel easy, what I considered straight was not straight, so it made me suffer especially while doing turns. Couldn't find my balance easily, and stretching my back was hard, since my spine looked like a huge S. It is not pretty to see as well as it's painful. After my classes I always had back pain, but it was worth it. When I was dancing, I didn't feel the pain. I just felt pretty and free. Like I could do anything, no matter what.

Today, I still dance, and I started teaching little kids. I accepted that I can never join a professional company, but it doesn't mean I can not share my passion with others.