Meredith Emery

Plymouth • Massachusetts


Have you ever felt the peace of hearing someone speak your native language when in a foreign country? It is instant connection and relaxation. Everything melts away and you are home. Having a learning disability (auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia) I felt foreign in school. I could appreciate the lessons but I couldn't truly immerse myself. My LD, also spilled of over to other areas of my life. School is where a child learns to "be" in the outside world. My lesson had been one of "not quite there yet". The result was an association with everything academic with anxiety of getting a passport stamped: "I'm sorry officer, I really am a fraud. Please let me join your community even Im an outsider. I promise I'll stumble along best I can and try stay out of trouble". Dance was different, I could hear what was being asked of me. And my teacher understood every step I took. I was communicating! I was immersed in that soft veil of comfort that can only be found in the studio. I was home. I don't know why this happened this way for me any more than a baby knows why they are born in to the world she comes into. But, dance has never closed its doors to me. Now, I teach and I have the opportunity to be the home away from home for all my students. I consider it an honor to be a Mama Dancer.