Megan Prem

Spring Green • Wisonsin


I started dancing when I was 4 years old- all from the encouragement of my babysitter, Courtney. She was 8 years older than me and was more of an older sister to me than anything. She would teach me on my living room carpet how to do different steps and it made me love dancing right from the beginning. She quit dance a couple years into high school because she was being bullied in class and didn't feel as though she belonged anymore, but she never allowed me to quit along side with her. She'd still come to my recitals and take me to practices even though she knew she'd run into some of the mean girls. Courtney didn't want the same thing to ever happen to me and she always told me that she regretted quitting and giving into the pressure so quickly, she loved to dance. Courtney passed away in a car accident when I was 9 years old- she was only 17. I lost my closest friend and older sister that day. Dance is my way to escape and when I get on stage to perform- I know she's right there, it's like she never left.