Maggie White

Perth • Western Australia


I have overcome anxiety and stress to dance- coming back to dance after 5 years off, dance was instantly my favourite place to be. I loved my dance friends, my teachers- it was an escape from everything else! I was improving so much and getting better and stronger every class. But slowly, as school and other pressures started to build up, dance eventually also became a place where I was filled with stress and anxiety. I found myself crying in class and having to leave or step outside because of panic attacks. I found myself zoning out and missing choreography and not putting in 100% because I could not handle the stress. My anxiety got worse and worse throughout the year and it got to the point where my teacher said 'You need help'. I knew from the moment I stepped foot back in the dance studio after so many years off, I wanted to dance for the rest of my life, but my anxiety and extreme levels of stress were stopping me from fulfilling this dream. Over the past 6 or so months, I have worked so hard to reduce the amount of stress I carry and even though I'm entering Year 12 this year, I have overcome obstacle after obstacle, and now dance is again, my escape. I love dance and I cannot imagine my life without it. My goal this year is to be accepted into a tertiary dance course for 2017, and I could not achieve this if wasn't for the help and support of my dance family who have help me overcome so much and made me realize that the stage and the studio is where I am meant to be!