Madisen Liddell

Utah • USA


When I was just a little girl, about 3 my grandfather taught me how to stand on his toes and he would dance with me in the kitchen. That's where my love of dance started. From there I took competition classes in hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and modern. He was at everyone of my competitions cheering me on. And then one day he passed away.. and I lost my rock.. I didn't want to dance anymore, not when my best friend couldn't watch me. But something told me I needed to dance once more. So I went onstage for my solo, and I won queen. Ever since that moment I realized my grandfather will always be with me, not in a way that I can see.. but in a way I will always be able to feel

Go for it. Be bold. Be new. If Someone says you can't do something, make it your drive to accomplish it. Don't give up keep pushing! And most importantly smile (also point your toes)