Mackenzie Larson

Colorado • USA


When I started dancing everything came easy to me, I was naturally flexible, I have long legs, and lots of core strength. In my first class the teacher immediately moved me up two levels. My first day in the new class, I did everything I needed to, but had no emotion. I did the combos and everything the way I should have. This was a lyrical class and I had no emotion my teacher kept telling me find a memory and use that to find emotion. It took me a year to truly crack into my emotions the second I stepped into a dance. I was the odd one out smiling in even the most depressing dances. I hated it and almost quit, then my Uncle committed suicide and it was something really hard for me. I had a performance later that month and it honestly was and still is my best performance ever. He will forever be my good luck charm.

Dancers really need to hear things not about their technique , but their stage appearance. If someone's lines are really pretty then say it, because they will really think about that as they are walking on stage. They also like to hear, that they performed a simple combo or move well. I think it really improves somebody's confidence or really makes them enjoy dancing more getting compliments.