Libby Colgan

South Australia • Australia


I was on the search for a new sport to do as I had tried so many but I just couldn't fine the right one for me. My cousin had started calisthenics and invited my to her end of year concert. As I was watching the amazing girls dance and shine on stage, I realised that I found my sport. A month later I went to my first practice. I absolutely loved it. I was surrounded by such talented girls. Every week the inspired me. We were then split into teams and I was put in the lowest team. I had a goal. A dream. To be as amazing as those girls. 3 years passed and it was time for team try outs again. I had worked really hard all week. At the end of the lesson we were handed a piece of paper. My mouth dropped. I did it. I finally made it into the top team. 2014 was my year. I was so happy but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. All year I struggle to keep up and had many obstacles too, but I didn't let it show. Each week I would try even harder then the week before. At the end of the year I got most improved award from my coach. That gave me the relief I needed to know that I did it. 2015 came and it was my first year in the next age group. Inters. This group of girls were absolutely jaw dropping. This year was going to be the hardest yet. It was a big difference going from juniors to inters, but I kept trying and working hard at class and home. I started to get moved closer and closer to the front in items and I got main parts in the too. Everything was going great, but then I got a hip injury. Everyone told me to rest it and not to over push it, but I knew my body and I knew how far I could push it until it hurt. That was a major step back for me. Even when it hurt I kept pushing through, for myself, but most importantly for my team. You're only as strong as you're weakest link as my coach says. That year I kept working as hard as I could and my hip was slowly getting better. It came to the end of year concert again and it was trophy time. One by one certain people were getting called up for one. I didn't think I would get one as I felt other girls in my team deserved one more then me. All of a sudden I got called up for a most improved trophy. I was over the moon they gave me my 5th year badge along with my trophy. At the end of the night two little girls came up to me and told me how good and flexible i was and they want to be just like me. My heart mealted as as I thanked them. As I turned around I knew I did it. I became one of those inspiring big girls, just like I wanted.