Kylie Hamilton

Arizona • USA



I danced between the ages of 2-8 years old. I stopped to compete in gymnastics for 3 years. We began doing dance in my last year of gymnastics and that was when I realized I needed to come back. I came to my studio again and took a jazz level 2 class but, because gymnastics does many thing opposite, I lost my technique as a dancer and didn't understand. The teacher brought me to a beginning jazz class with some kids almost 4 years younger than me. I felt as if maybe I made the wrong choice to go into dance again but, I stayed to continue on learning and didn't give up. We had recital and my teacher noticed that after a year I have come far and she put me in higher level ballets, jazzes, and other styles. I began competing again with dance. Although I have gotten many opportunities, I still get told by some people that I am not good enough and " I'm not at that level yet" and I understand and will continue to strive to do my best. I am almost 14 now, and while my technique still isn't perfect and probably never will be (there's always something to work on), I will keep trying and improving! :)

It gets better. If you start at the bottom, you can only go up from there. Dance is a tough sport and striving for the impossible is what you can do to improve :)