Kenna Frasier

Littleton • Colorado



I started dancing when I was 11 years old, which by normal dancing standards is really late. I played every sport imaginable, literally. I played soccer, basketball, hockey, softball, baseball, football, and a lot of other sports that I didn't understand and was very bad at. Then when I was 12 I asked my mom if I could start dancing. She was a little reluctant, but let me join a class. I started with a hip-hop class and wore a black leotard and pink tights every class. I was terrible, most of the recital dance I was in a bug in back corner, but somehow I wasn't discouraged. I just kept dancing. The next year I asked my mom if I could try ballet and jazz. She didn't think it would be the best idea, but I really wanted to. Ballet and jazz were a whole new experience. I had to learn how to do a pirouette, leaps, and a lot of combinations that at the time seemed impossible. My dancing was not very consistent, but falling was. I fell every day, but I always got back up. I was working so hard to improve. The next year I did more classes and was a little more flexible, could do some leaps, and could do a single pirouette. Somehow, I made the competition company the next year. I still fell all the time, but it was getting a lot better. I had the most amazing teachers, who were so inspiring and helped me so much. By the end of that year I was more advanced. The next year/ this year I was/am on the company again. This year I improved eminently and I have the most amazing teachers who work so hard every day to make me the best dancer I can be. This year I am considered a leader and a dancer to look up to and learn by. Dancing has become a part of my life that I could not live without. I may have fallen 1000 times, but I have gotten back up 1001 times and that is all that matters.