Kahla Cerrillo

Great Island • New York


I began dancing as a quiet, shy 8 year old- because I admired my older sister and her dancing. Little did I know that dance and the studio would shape me so much as an adult.

There is this stereotype that dancers have to be stick thin with long, super flexible legs and defined abs in order to be good at what they do, when in reality, dance is for everyone: All shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I do not have that stereotypical dancer body, nor have I ever. When I was younger I looked down on myself and saw everyone else as better than me all because I needed a larger costume size. I have learned confidence through dance and through the warm and accepting atmosphere of the studio. I now am a tap teacher at the studio I grew up at and hope to be able to help kids learn to express themselves through dance, and to also accept themselves for whoever they are- just like my teachers did.