Jordan Celli

Massachusetts • USA


Tearing right leg ACL and LCL playing in a high school flag football game trying to be a part of something involved with school memories because all of my past has been involved in dance. The injury happened in November 2015. Waiting to have the MRI and then having the Doctor confirm the worst devastated me. I had my surgery January 15. 2016. Hearing that I would lose my entire dance season was too much. The road to recovery is far from over but I am more determined than ever to come back stronger and healthier than before. This injury has slowed down my goals of going on auditions for college and furthering my education from conventions and competitions in all the genres and styles of dance. Not being able to dance right now has made me realize that my true passion is and has always been dance and my focus is to show that this is true.

My dream and life goal is to make a living a doing what I love. Having this injury happen to me is not going to deter me from going after this dream full force. Do not let a blip in the road stop you from pursuing your dreams. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.