Joli Hernandez

Aurora • Colorado


I started dancing very late for a dancer. Being very sheltered as a child I was not given the opportunity to dance as a young child. I first discovered my love for dance during my early teens. It took over me like fire. I started with a love for latin dancing, shortly after being introduced to contemporary that became my main focus. Into my later teens and early 20s I was suffering from PTSD from abuse in my early life. Dance literally saved my life, it was the purpose and reason I didn't give in completely to my depression. Out of this love I developed a passion and also realized I had a talent. After attempting school and numerous jobs I realized I wanted to make a career out of dancing. I am currently going back to school to gain more experience in production management and I have started a production that involves the arts. Although it has been tough and many times I have been discouraged by my lack of technical training I am still fight and pushing to conquer my dreams. I hope to one day give young teens the opportunity I did not have by opening a nonprofit.