Jetaya Guthmann-Chester

Gold Coast • Australia


Hi I'm Jetaya GC & I'm 14 years old. This is my 4th year of dancing & I'm so glad I decided to take dancing/singing/acting classes! I have dedicated my whole life to this & I LOVE it. Sometimes it's hard to be able to give up special & valuble time to go to classes! I am super lucky to have an amazing mum who pays soo much money for be to be able to persue my dream. She dedicates her own time to drive me to and from places, work extra hours to be able to afford the cost. For me to be able to be one step closer to my dream, I have gone through so much! Such as things like; money issues, using up my spare time, injuries, family issues, costs & so much more. But if I didn't dance and take performing classes I would not be where I am today. I have one message that I do want to send out to everyone, BE YOURSELF & KEEL BELIEVIng! Because you were born to stand out! 💕 Make sure to follow my Instagram; @jetayagc