Jessica Roberts

Shipdham • United Kingdom


Dance is my world I couldn't imagine my life without it because it has been my "Best friend" when know one was there for me. I have overcome a lot in my life and that is because of dance the things I have overcome have been my mum and dad splitting up when I was only 6 years old and then my middle sister being diagnosed with crohns and then my mum being diagnosed with a slipped disk this year and now fibron maliga and also my nan being in hospital for 6 months then my auntie passed away from cancer in march 2016 and on top of all this I have been bullied at school a lot and dance is my release from all of this going in my life and no one will ever be there for me like dance has because to me dance makes me a better me and makes me feel like I'm flying without wings and like anything is possible and it takes me to my own world where I can be me without people hurting me that is why I dance.