Jeanette Muzquiz

San Antonio • Texas


I've Danced since I was 5 years old, movement is my calling, as I got older I'd work a full time job so I can pay for dance classes at a well known academy in my hometown. I decided to pursue a career and education in Dance, because I desired very much to bring others to life with movement . My last year of being close to Graduating with a Bachelors in Dance Education I was involved in a horrible accident that not only nearly damaged me both physically and emotionally, but left me immobile for 3 months and prevented me from finishing what I Love. It took me a full year to physically recover, and I once again picked myself up, and started my training for a professional NBA dance team, before auditioning I found out I was expecting and again I dropped and left everything behind. Now that I have my daughter in my arms, and as a hard working single mom, I do not let the stereotypes slow me down. I'm training for what I strive for, my passion, my Love, I want to prove to myself that anything your Heart desires can be done no matter the obstacles that life may throw at you! I want to make my daughter Proud.