Jayden Bidle

Middletown • Maryland


I started dance when I was 2 in toddler time, just like everyone else. As we all started to grow together I noticed a difference in my body type, a setback. Soon we found out about the tarsol collisions in my feet. Basically, this meant that I had extra bones in my feet that don't allow movement and I couldn't take pointe class. I then also find that im not as flexible as the other girls. No matter how hard or often I stretched, the other girls could do it naturally. This cut away from my confidence and I would often say to myself, "What is the point of dancing if I physically can't be them?" I would get so frustrated and leave in the middle of dance class bawling. I began to give up on myself more and more. When dancers like us can't have that, we can't win at dance competitions and were usually not called back at auditions. Could this be because the ideal dancer can do pointe, she is skinny and tall, and she is flexible and limber. Dancing is an art expressed through movement, and that movement doesn't need to be a battement or twenty turns. It's the passion, the need to dance, and the need to move that makes you the dancer you are. You make your mark on other dancers because there is a little girl out there just like you wanting to give up, but she keeps going because she sees that you do. No matter how hard you have it or how frustrating it gets, at least you care. You need to dance and that's all that matters. :)