Janny Becker

Livermore • California


I started dancing at 3 years old. I loved it! Ballet was my world. I wanted to be a professional Ballerina. When I was 12 my body changed. My breasts got very large very fast. Crazy to think people buy breasts mine ruined my dreams. I became so self conscious I quit dance and became a very depressed teenager. At that time my parents didn't really know (depression) the way we know it now. So nothing was done. I began to eat my feelings.... gaining lots of weight. I was tiny and then I wasn't.

I fought weight issues nearly my whole life. Had all the different eating disorders. Bulimia, anorexia, body dismorphic disorder I even took street drugs to be skinny.
At age 16 I met an amazing dance teacher who talked me back into the studio. She brought me along as she taught. Karyn saw past my overweight body. She recognized my ability to be a dancer. She is still one of my best friends today. Thank you Karyn Mazzei Poytress!!!

Dance saved me when I finally accepted that I did not have to be a famous Ballerina.... to be a dancer. I have danced on and off my whole life. And in my life I could never quite find true happiness until I started teaching tiny dancers. Teaching ballet to tiny ones is my passion, my joy, my purpose, my everything! I want to teach tiny dancers until I leave this earth. Then I want to dance in Heaven !!