Isabel Teller

Florida • USA


When I was younger I was diagnosed with dyslexia, so learning was incredibly hard for me that is until I found dance. When I dance its as if I am not dyslexic I feel free of the issues that it created inside me. As if the dyslexia wasn't enough I have always been bigger then most of the girls I dabce with, they would always give me the looks that said "you do not belong here." Or "you can't do this." I almost gave up on dance until I got to college and found some amazing friends who don't care that I am a plus sized girl. I have always been big but when I dance that dose not matter to anyone.

Keep going, do not give up when others tell you that you shouldn't dance because you are "different" keep going because you love it and the hard work will pay off. Keep going, keep dancing because you are Amazing!